6 Expert Optimization Tips To Improve Your Landing Pages

smiling business woman
© Abdone | Dreamstime Stock Photos

If you’re in ecommerce, then you know that driving traffic is essential to your business’ success. Whether you’re having a sale, running a contest, or promoting your newest product, the page your visitors land on has to convince them that what you’re offering if worth their time and money. If you’re keen on improving conversion rates, follow these six steps.

1. Establish Credibility
It’s no secret that a good many website owners have bad intentions for the information they collect from unsuspecting visitors. The web’s anonymity makes it important to convince your visitors that your company is trustworthy. Displaying your logo, security seals, partnerships, and other validating symbols will give visitors confidence that your site is the real deal.

2. Maintain Consistent Design
The design you use to create your marketing campaign should stay consistent with your landing page. The consistency prevents your reader from wondering whether or not they’ve landed on the right page.

3. Spotlight Your USP
Your Unique Sales Proposition is what makes you different from your competitors, and tells the customer why they should shop with you and not them. Your landing page has to communicate this concisely. FedEx has quite the pithy USP: “When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight.”

4. Make Your Copy Better
The copy on your landing page should be tight, focused, and dripping with the sweet, sweet benefits that your product or service offers. A quick way to measure your copy’s effectiveness is to start from your CTA, and work your way back. Do your CTA, copy, and headline all align on the same desired action? If you really want to get your hands dirty, check out this helpful guide from Kissmetrics on improving landing page copy.

5. Leverage Social Proof
Social proof is merely evidence that real people like what your company is offering. This is especially valuable in the world of ecommerce, where social proof can substitute for face to face contact. It can include testimonials, short case studies, displaying social media follows, or doing like McDonald’s by showing the number of customers you’ve served.

6. Split Test Your Landing Page
Split testing really works. It gives you uncomplicated data which you can use to make improvements to your landing pages. [Update: For two years in a row, Econsultancy found in their annual Conversion Rate Optimization Report that A/B testing is the most frequently used method to improve landing page conversions.] If you’re itchin’ to hop on the split testing wagon, Google Analytics offers a useful tool to their customers.

Your landing page is a vital part of the customer journey. Use these tips to pump more conversion juice into your pages, and get more visitors into your ecommerce sales funnel.


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