eCommerce is Bucking the Trend of a Slow Economy

casual woman working on laptop 3

The U.S economy  may be growing at a snail’s pace, but the country’s eCommerce sector is definitely  not lagging. While overall economic growth was up just 1% in Q2 of 2016 from last year, eCommerce has grown 8.9%, according to Custora’s Q2 2016 Pulse Report. The Average Order Value (AOV) was up .7%, which indicates that people are performing more transaction with online sellers.

The report also found that search (both organic and paid) was the primary driver for online sales. Organic search accounted for 21.8% of orders while paid search accounted for 19.6%. Email marketing was also a strong driver for online buying, accounting for 18.4% of eCommerce transactions.

With finding like these, it’s no wonder that CMOs continue to increase their annual digital marketing budgets. Organic search and email marketing continue to be necessities for eCommerce success. If you know that your eCommerce business isn’t doing well in these areas, talk to me about creating a winning content strategy for your business today.

Photo: © Andres Rodriguez | Dreamstime Stock Photos


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